4 Nov 2013

We have moved!

Thank you or following us, we have moved! Make sure you do not miss us by following us at our new blog: http://dogcharityblog.org.uk/

See you soon!

29 Oct 2013

Discover Dogs is next weekend! (November 9th and 10th)

Will you be coming?

We run the event to bring the joy of dogs to London and beyond, but we also have a more serious message. We want people to make sure they are choosing a dog for the right reasons.

So, enter 200 different dog breeds and their owners/breeders who are meeting visitors to inform them, in a fun way, about the different characteristics of each bred, and why it is important to do the research and choose the right dog for their lifestyle.

I am excited about meeting the wonderful rescue dogs that will be joining us on the Kennel Club Breed Rescue stand. The Kennel Club breed rescues will be telling the public why they should consider a breeds rescue. These are the charities that will be there: 

SATURDAY 9 November





SUNDAY 10 November





Here is a little picture of Dina from Marketing meeting one of the Husky rescues from last year!

21 Oct 2013


The response to the Dog Photographer of the Year competition has been overwhelming this year, I have had new sites around the globe interested in our fabulous photographers! Check out some of the galleries.

Well done to everyone that entered, it was a great year. The standard just keeps getting higher.






16 Oct 2013

Dog Photographer of the Year - Winners Announced

We now have the winners of the Dog Photographer of the Year competition, what a fantastic selection of images. Thank you to everyone who took part, we had a record breaking 8,000 entries!

This is the winning image, entered by Roger Sjolstad from Norway. It is of his daughter Tea and Great Dane running through water, which was the winner of the ‘Man’s Best Friend’ category.

You can view all of the winning and runner up images here: http://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/dog-photographer-of-the-year/dog-photographer-of-the-year-2013-winners/ 

7 Oct 2013

The Last Scruffts Heat and other fun events

If you have not qualified your crossbreed dog for the famous Scruffts competition, fear not, there is still one more chance to compete.

The East of England Autumn Show in Peterborough is the last Scruffts heat of the season. The winners of the Scruffts heat this weekend will be invited to the semi final at Discover Dogs where they have the chance to qualify for a place at Crufts!

Scruffts is open just to crossbreed dogs and costs only £2, all of the money goes direct to charity too, half to the Kennel Club Charitable Trust and half to the charity of choice of the show organisers.

For more information visit www.scruffts.org.uk

I have also just heard about another fun dog show taking place this weekend in the North East - if you are in the area do not miss out: http://www.northern-pride.com/event/paws 

Next weekend www.your-dog-walker.co.uk is raising money for Kennel Club Breed Resuce Charity Northern English Springer Spaniel Rescue at Animal Arkaid whilst simultaneously promoting awareness of microchipping. Visit http://animalarkaid.co.uk/ to find out about it’s event on 20th October!

2 Oct 2013

Very Cute………


29 Sep 2013

A Rescue Tail from Westie ReHoming

Once upon a time there was a cute little puppy called Harry who left his mother, brothers and sisters behind in the Welsh borders to live in his new home, many miles away.

He spent three happy years exploring the big wide world, before his new ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ decided that he would be even happier with a little playmate. After some consideration they applied to Westie ReHoming for a little girl of around the same age (three years old).

As luck would have it Westie ReHoming had just taken in a pretty little girl called Phoebe that was with one of their fosterers. Phoebe’s owners were heartbroken at having to let her go, but circumstances left them no alternative. After the initial assessment Westie Rehoming thought that she would do very well with Harry and his family and so she moved in with them.

Harry and Phoebe became best buddies, and were alike in so many ways, and then one day when their ‘mum’ and ‘dad’ were looking at their vaccination details they noticed that they were not only the same age, but they shared the same birthday. They contacted Westie ReHoming, and it was after Jacqui checked Phoebe’s pedigree certificate, which was kept on file, that they discovered an amazing twist of fate. Harry and Phoebe were litter brother and sister, reunited after more than three years.

Looking at the photo above it should be obvious, they are like peas in a pod. What a small world, and what a heart-warming story for us all.

27 Sep 2013

5 Minutes With……..

Jacqui Ferris-Woods from Westie ReHoming

What is your job title?

My job within the charity is Secretary, and my husband Robert is the Chairman. Having said that, all our volunteers tend to ‘muck in’ together and help as required. I am also the Webmaster.  We keep the databases here at ‘head office’ and lists of dogs looking for a home, and applications to adopt a dog. I deal with administration and love the creative side of website content.

What do like most about your job?

The best part of the job is when we rehome a dog into a new situation and it is a match made in heaven. We go to tremendous lengths to match the dog and owner and the rehoming is done primarily from the dog’s point of view. We find a dog the best possible home for its needs and chances of success rather than finding people the kind of dog that they want.

What do you like least about your job?

The thing I like least is having to take a dog from a home in which it has been very happy because the owner can no longer care for it, either physically or financially. This can be very distressing indeed for all concerned and I often find it hard to hold back the tears until I come off the phone. My training as a Companion Animal Bereavement Counsellor helps tremendously in supporting the person having to give the dog up although ‘beyond the scenes’ I often worry for the family, and the dog, for some time to come. This is why it is so important to get it exactly right in placing the dog into the right home. Bereavement counselling is a very important aspect of being often a first contact for the person relinquishing the dog.

What would you do if you didn’t do your job?

If I didn’t do this job I would take up painting again – I used to paint animal portraits. I would also do more behavioural work having a great interest in animal behaviour. I also love taking photos and video of dogs which could be obvious from our website!!

 Do you have a dog?

Robert and I have 6 Westies of our own and wouldn’t swap one single one of them.

What advice would you give to people looking to get a dog?

I would advise anyone getting a dog to do their research very thoroughly on their chosen breed, and do much heart searching to decide if they can really offer that dog what it needs for the rest of its life.

What is your favourite breed/crossbreed?

Our favourite breed is undoubtedly the Westie, despite its feisty, stubborn nature (or maybe because of it!).

If you would like to find out more about Westie Rehoming visit: http://www.westierehoming.me.uk 

25 Sep 2013

A Rescue Dog Tale Rescue

from Jenny Kendrick at Skye Terrier Club

Fortunately Skye terriers do not come into rescue very often, although a few years ago we had to find homes for five at once.

These had belonged to an elderly lady that towards the end of her life had not been able to look after them properly, when they came into rescue they were extremely nervous of people and their coats were in need of attention. 

I am happy to say that they were all re homed with wonderful people and all have happy and loving homes, one has even gained her Silver KC Good Citizens award. 

24 Sep 2013


"No more baths ever, k?" - Kingsley the Cavalier


"No more baths ever, k?" - Kingsley the Cavalier